Jordan Paris (JP)

Executive Growth Partner

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About Jordan

Jordan (JP) is a seasoned dynamic executive with over a decade of expertise in private capital markets, including private credit, private equity, and venture capital, specifically in business-to-business lending having raised circa $100M in private capital funding throughout his career. As an early-stage investor and entrepreneur, he has focused his career on CRO Chief Revenue Officer initiatives across corporate development director and venture capital strategic advisory.

With a vast network of high-net-worth family offices, private investors, brokerage firms, and M&A lawyers, JP has excelled in senior executive and board roles. He has established himself as a leading dealmaker in strategic partnerships, being recognized in MPA as one of the Top Leading Corporate Development Executives. JP has a proven track record of entrepreneurial success. As a Venture Capitalist partner and Entrepreneur In Residence (E.I.R) at Sapien Ventures and former CEO of HFG Capital in Singapore and Sydney, he has established and operated multiple businesses, implementing the systems and processes required for companies to thrive.

JP divides his time between Miami, Singapore, and Sydney, consistently driving global business growth and impact for Infinite CXO Clients across the U.S.