Press Release: Partnering With Neri Capital to Provide Portfolio Companies Growth Strategies

CHARLOTTE, N.C., January 18, 2024 ( – Business Transformation Services leader Infinite CXO announces its strategic alliance with Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory leader Neri Capital Partners, an investment bank for family-owned and privately held small and mid-market businesses. 

“Neri Capital has a defined process to help businesses Define their value, Build to maximize the company’s opportunity, and Realize their dreams through an exit,” said Jack Shade, a founder of Infinite CXO along with Aaron Boggs. “We are grateful that Neri sees Infinite CXO as the partner that will focus on more than just the bottom line. By empowering the leadership and employees to unlock their potential, it becomes a win-win-win for the current owner, the future owner, and the employees who will continue to make a difference for their clients in the future.”

“What the team at Infinite CXO is building is transformative,” said Eric Togneri, CEO & Managing Director of Neri Capital. “The vast majority of business owners limit their focus to traditional, short-term financial measurements of performance and need help growing their company to the next level. By merging the benefits of collaborative consulting strategies with a walk-with-you coaching relationship, Infinite CXO clients will make sustainable and transferable improvements,” says Togneri. 

Through Infinite CXO’s Business Transformation platform, Investment Capital firms and Investment Banking companies are finding a strategic partner they can trust to help their portfolio companies and aspiring business relationships grow. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the industry, as both companies join forces to provide unparalleled support and guidance to portfolio companies seeking to achieve their growth objectives.

Paula Marez, Sr. Director of Operations at Infinite CXO and 18 years in Venture Capital, said, “We are excited to be partnering with Investment Capital firms and banks to provide their portfolio companies with our real-life business experience of building and growing companies.” Marez said, “The whole premise of investment firms is to provide resources to help companies be successful and grow. Strategic partnerships like this will allow for both the companies and the investment firms to benefit from the Infinite CXO growth relationship.”