Welcome Matthew Conner to Infinite CXO

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Matthew Conner, Air Force Veteran and experienced Sr. BI Developer from Seattle, WA.

Matt began his career in the Air Force as an Operations Intelligence Specialist (AFSC 1N0), where he honed skills in analyzing various aspects of the operational environment. His role involved providing crucial insights to support Air Force missions, briefing personnel on findings, strategies, and tactical contingencies.

Transitioning to the corporate sector, he served as a Procurement Manager and Operations Analyst at Bankers Exchange. There, Matt oversaw inventory management and implemented real-time reporting systems and forecasting tools. These empowered executives to make informed decisions, optimizing our operational efficiency.

Moving into a Global Sales and Solution Architect role at ACG, Matt excelled in identifying untapped opportunities with enterprise clients. His expertise in research, analytics, and crafting tailored solutions across diverse industries enabled him to swiftly progress to contract negotiations.

As a Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Developer at Slalom, Matt served as the central analytical hub for executive staff. Collaborating closely, he provided data-driven insights crucial in developing strategic solutions, optimizing operational efficiency, and maintaining market growth. Matt’s partnership with the innovation team ensured adaptability to evolving business needs, significantly contributing to their success and competitive edge.

Mr. Conner has been married to his wife Shannon for 13 years and have two sons. They started their journey together in Atlanta Georgia (where he grew up) and moved across the country together in 2018 to Washington so that his wife could give back to the community she grew up in as a teacher. As for a personal tidbits he is an avid shooter/gunsmith, has been an extra / background character in multiple Blockbuster movies and primetime television shows. His favorite activities are consuming media (books, TV, movies — he love’s getting lost in fictional worlds and learning new things).

Matt is excited to join Infinite CXO because he has seen what lack of Alignment, Strategy and Execution can do to groups striving to work together. He lives his life as an agent of change and growth for those around him and Infinite CXO affords him real opportunities to provide that change to businesses wanting to grow. Assisting in the growth and expansion of what someone else is passionate about brings him an insurmountable amount of fulfilment.

“As we continue to build our Team of A Players to serve as Executive Growth Partners, Matt’s expertise will be an instrumental value in consulting data analytics, business intelligence and tech stack development. His strategic insights and ability to identify emerging opportunities will be a tremendous resource to empowering hidden potential for our business clients.” – Aaron Boggs, Founder